The Kalispel Legal Department assists Kalispel Tribal Government, Tribal enterprises and all Tribal departments in a legal capacity to support them in their day-to-day operations and achievement of their goals and objectives while protecting Tribal sovereignty and self-determination

We foster?a partnership that bolsters?Tribal and departmental policies and codes for a stronger Tribal government to better?protect the Kalispel Tribe, its people, and its?resources.


Main Office /?934 South Garfield Rd Airway Heights, WA 99001
Phone 509-789-7600
Main Office Fax 509-789-7609
Cusick Legal Trailer Fax 509-445-0836
HOURS:?Monday – Thursday 7 am – 5 pm and closed for all tribal holidays

Our Staff

Lorraine A. Parlange

Senior Tribal Attorney

(509) 789-7603

Yvonne Abrahamson

Executive Assistant

(509) 789-7600

Donald Colistro

Staff Attorney/Tribal Prosecutor

(509) 789-7623

Ashley Stetson

Health/Education/ICW Attorney

(509) 789-7608

Aubrey Seffernick

Business & Economic Development Attorney

(509) 789-7606

Conner Sabin


(509) 789-7610

Rhylee Marchand

Staff Attorney/Tribal Government & Employment

(509) 789-7605

Bonte’ Nemec

Senior Paralegal

(509) 481-4197

Amanda Breshears


(509) 789-7635

Renee’ Godley

Legal Assistant

(509) 481-2030

Lacy Bohanek

On-Call Legal Assistant

(509) 789-7607

Patrick Nesbitt


(509) 481-6261